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Built in the 1930s, the Służewiec Warsaw Racecourse is a unique facility on a global scale. It is one of the oldest horse racing tracks in Europe. With its timeless architecture, rich history and impressive green space, this facility attracts more and more enthusiasts of one of the most prestigious sports in the world every year.

During the racing season, which lasts for eight months of the year (April – November), nearly 50 racing days are held, including the most prestigious meetings such as: The Opening Season Gala, Derby Gala (in July), Autumn Gala – Wielka Warszawska Race and many others. During each of these events, Służewiec Racecourse is visited by over several thousand spectators from Poland and abroad.

The entire complex, measuring 138 hectares, includes historic stands, the main race track, park and parking lot. The area of Służewiec Racecourse is characterized by a very good location, close to the city center, and at the same time due to the fact that it is a closed area surrounded by greenery, it provides our guests with discretion and the possibility of arranging the space according to their own needs.

Służewiec Racecourse is a place, that has a great potential and offers many opportunities to use the space. The history of the facility is marked not only by important sports events, but also of high-profile cultural and business meetings. During the racing days, Służewiec Racecourse can become a great way of spending free time with family or friends.



We can offer you:

  • Land rental
  • Possibility of races sponsorship
  • Advertising on the Służewiec Racecouse during the race days
  • Events at Tor Służewiec
  • and many other opportunities for your business.
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