O wyścigach - Trainers

Krzysztof Ziemiański

Niespodzianka Stable (Służewiec) Has trained horses since 1991.? Riding career: he didn’t have Key successes – Poland: – Derby (2): Infamia (2010), Intens (2011) – Great Warsaw Race (1): Intens (2011) – Arabian Derby (0): 2nd place, Cesihus (2006) – Europa Stakes (0): 2nd place – Impact (2012) Foreign successes: – Ebreichsdorf: Cental European Challenge Cup Mile (Gd-1) 2007 (Jęczmień) He is the son of a well-known jockey and trainer Bogdan Ziemiański (d. 02.02.2009) and grandson of a jockey and later horse-trainer Stanisław Ziemiański. He gained its 1000th victory as a trainer in the 2012 season.

Adam Wyrzyk

Rosłońce Stable (Podbiel, 50 km from Warsaw) Has trained horses since 2005? Riding career: he didn’t have Key successes – Poland: – Derby (1): Natalie of Budysin (2012) – Oaks (1): Natalie of Budysin (2012) – 2000 Guineas (3): Golden Tirol (2009), Hard Work (2012), Modraszek (2014) – 1000 Guineas (3): Jagabella (2009), Black Pantera (2011), Endorphin (2013) – Janów Stakes (1): Master Bars (2013) Foreign successes: – Baden-Baden: Hubertus Liebrecht-Gedächtnispreis (LR) 2011 (Exciting Life) – Ebreichsdorf: Magna Austrian Derby (Gd-1) 2009 (Golden Tirol) – Bratislava: Slovenské Oaks (LR) 2009 (Jagabella) Initially, he was associated with racing as an owner and breeder. After a few years, he built a training centre in Podbiel, near Warsaw, and gained a trainer licence.

Andrzej Walicki

Korab Stable (Służewiec) Has trained horses since 1969
Riding career: he didn’t have

Key successes in Służewiec: – Derby (11): Daglezja (1971), Konstelacja (1977), Kosmogonia (1978), Korab (1985), Aksum (1990), Kliwia (1991), Wonderful (1996), Dancer Life (2002), Dżesmin (2005), San Moritz (2007), Patronus (2013) – Great Warsaw Race (9): Daglezja (1971), Kasjan (1974), Księżyc (1986), Kesar (1989), Kliwia (1991 and 1992) and San Luis (2004 and 2005), Patronus (2013) – Arabian Derby (3): Kabaret (1977), Minos (1991), Padus (2004) – Europe Stakes (2): Origan (1989), Minos (1991) Foreign successes: – Vienna, Austrian Derby (G1) in 1985 (Korab) He is the son of Bronisław Walicki (died in 1969), the pre-war breeder, member of the then board of the Society for the Encouragement of the Horse Breeding and president of the Warsaw Horse Breeders Association.

Maciej Janikowski

Czerkies Stable (Służewiec) Has trained horses since 1969 Riding career: he didn’t have

Key successes – Poland:
– Derby (3): Czerkies (1974), Chryston (1982), Montbard (2004)
– Great Warsaw Race (2): Zagara (1997), Merlini (2008)
– Arabian Derby (3): Sarenka (1978), Europejczyk (1986), Wilczur (87)

Similarly to Andrzej Waliczki and Piotr czarniecki, he received a scholarship from the National Horse Racetracks Company during the studies Zootechnics in Warsaw. He had to work them off for three years, first as an assistant in the stables. It was the time when he decided to become a horse trainer. His stable was called “Czerkies” in the mid-90s to commemorate the Triple Crown Derby winner of 1974.

Dorota Kałuba

Stary Dwór Stable
Has trained horses since 1975 (a year in Wrocław, then in Służewiec).
Riding career: yes, she won 40 races.

Key successes – Poland:
– Derby (5): Durand (1993), Limak (94), Mustafa (97), Arctic (98), Ruten (2008) – Great Warsaw Race (3): Cisów (1983, Arctic (1998), Tulipa (2004) – Arabian Derby (7): Element (1982), Dalida (1985), Druid (1997), Orgia Fata (2007), Ermis (2009), Celtis (2010), Pirat (2012) – Europe Award (3): Druid (1997 and 1998), Savvannah (2002) She took part in the races as an amateur for three years, and then as a professional rider for a year (in the stable of Karol Chomicz). Since 2013 she has run a shop “Stary Dwór” selling feed and nutrients for horses and equipment for racing riders in a renovated old forge in Służewiec.

Wojciech Olkowski

Has run the stable in Służewiec. Has trained horses since 2008 ?Riding career: He has participated in a number of hurdle races. Key successes – Poland: – Derby (0): 3rd place, Indian General (2012) – Great Warsaw Race (1): Dancing Moon (2010), 2nd place Dżygit (2009) – Ruler Stakes (2010), Kozienice ? Dżulietto (2010), Mem. F. Jurjewicza ? Star Poker (2013), Moszna ? Inheritor (2011) i Star Poker (2013), Dakota – Paker (2011), Jaroszówka – Inheritor (2013) Foreign successes: – Ebreichsdorf: Grosser Preis der FRBC 2011 (Inheritor) – Bratislava: Price of Scottish Rifla (LR) 2011 (Inheritor) He worked in the stable owned by Andrzej Walicki for 25 years. He was an equerry for the last 15 years.

Małgorzata Łojek

Traf Stable (Służewiec) Has trained horses since 1981 Riding career: yes, she received the title of a senior apprentice. Key successes – Poland: – Derby (1): Soros (2009) – Great Warsaw Race (0): 2nd place, Imola (2005) – Arabian Derby (2) ? Traf (1984), Ostragon (1998) She rode in horse races under her maiden name Pisarczyk. In 1981-82 she trained horses in Wrocław. She has run the stable in Służewiec since 1984. Since the mid-80s the stable owned by Małgorzata ?Łojek has been called “Traf” to commemorate the first significant success in her career.

Józef Siwonia

Taran Stable (Służewiec) Has trained horses since 1994 Riding career: yes, very good hurdle rider. Key successes – Poland: – Derby (0): 2nd place, Hipoliner (2006) – Great Warsaw Race (2): Night Express (2006), Hipoliner (2009) – Europe Award (0) ? 2nd place, Dostatok (2012) Foreign successes: – Täby: Triumph Handikap 2006 (Green Maestro) – Bratislava: Starohajska criterion (LR) 2006 (Hipoliner) Slovenské Oaks (LR) 2007 (Mavera) Velká májová cena (I) 2008 (Hipoliner) Price of Stottish Rifla (LR) 2008 (Hipoliner) 2nd place in Slovenské Derby (G3) 2006 (Sun Court) – Ebreichsdorf” Magna Euro-Preis (LR) 2008 (Hipoliner) Racino Racing Festival (LR) 2010 (Hipoliner) In the years 2003-2010 he was the main trainer of “Damis” horses.

Maciej Jodłowski

Orarius Stable (since 2009 in Służewiec) Has trained horses since 1994. (Sopot) Riding career: yes, hurdle rider. Key successes – Poland: – Mokotów Award – Mileryt (2009) – Dakota Award – Mileryt (2009) – 2nd place in the race for the Award of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (Offspring) – Mileryt (2009) He worked for several years in the racing stable in Italy at the turn of ’80s and ’90s. Then (since 1994) for seven years, he trained horses in Sopot to go back to Italy. Then he became an assistant of a trainer having its centre near Milan. In 2009, he began to run a stable in Służewiec, where he initially prepared only horses of the Widzów Horse Stud Farm. He specializes in preparing horses for hurdle races and steeplechases. In the seasons of 2009 and 2010, his stable won the largest number of hurdle races in Służewiec.

Janusz Kozłowski

Nova Stable (Służewiec) Has trained horses since 2003 Riding career: yes, excellent jockey, won more than 1000 races. Key successes – Poland: – Derby (0): 2nd place, Tiarella (2003), Domus (2004) – St. Leger (1): Królowa Gwiazd (2003) – Sambora Award ? Netka (2012) Janusz Kozłowski, as a rider, won the Derby three times (Aksum, Kliwia, Dancer Life) and the Great Warsaw Race (Kesar, twice Kliwia), won the race for the Europe Award twice and Arabian Derby once. The stable has also specialized in preparing horses for hurdle races for several seasons, with Katarzyna, trainer’s wife, largely contributing in it. In the 2012 season, the saddle horses from the Nova Stable won 8 of 13 hurdle races held in Służewiec.

Jan Głowacki

Małwa Wieś Stable (Nowa Mała Wieś/near Kampinos) Has trained horses since 2004. ?Riding career: he didn’t have Key successes – Poland: – Arabian Derby (0): 2nd place, Wielki Damati (2012), Domus (2004) – Europe Award (0): 2nd place, Wienerva (2005 and 2006) – Białka Award (2): Wienerva (2004), Elsana (2007) – Michałów Award ? Wienerva (2005 and 2006) and Wares (2013), Sambora Award ? Wienerva (2004), Comparative Award ? Wienerva (2005) and Wielki Damati (2012), Janów Award ? Engamoon (2008) He has managed the stud farm 40 km from Warsaw since 1995. He breeds both racing horses and show horses. The first big racing success for the stud farm was recorded by Gafal, which won the Derby in 2002. He also bred the Derby winner Wares (2013).

Marek Nowakowski

Wieluń Stable (Służewiec) Has trained horses since 2001 Riding career: yes, professional jockey Key successes – Poland: – Derby (0): 3rd place, Drybler (2010) – Great Warsaw Race (1): Camerun (2012) – Europe Award (0): 2nd place, Von (2009) – Oaks (1): Treserka, (2009) – St. Leger (2): Camerun (2012 and 2013) Foreign successes: – Bratislava: Second place in Veľká cena Slovenska (Gd-3) 2011 (Ruten) In 1986 he moved to Germany where, with the help of his friend, already well-known jockey Andrzej Tylicki, he found work in the stable owned by the famous trainer Hans Jentzscha, for whom he worked as a rider. Marek Nowakowski worked there for 9 years. He also participated in races, winning several times. Then he worked for a year in the United Arab Emirates, where he also rode horses in races. He returned to Poland in 1996

Michał Romanowski

Stable in Żelazowa, near Strzegom) Has trained horses since 2006 Riding career: yes, professional jockey, won 63 races Key successes – Poland: – Derby (1): Kamerdyner (2006) – Arabian Derby (0): 3rd place, Celius (2010) – Europe Award (0): 2nd place, Vasyli Kossack (2010) – Award of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development (1): Kataryniarz (2006) – Białka Award (2): Vasyli Kossack (2009), Vly Kossack (2011) Foreign successes: – Jägersro Midnight Sun Arabian Cup (LR) 2013 (Pentagon) El Wodkine Cup (G3 PA) 2012 (Pentagon) He is the youngest trainer that won the Derby in Służewiec – at the age of 25 years. He became appointed a member of the board of the Polish Jockey Club in May this year. He is one of the two deputy chairmen.

Patryk Wróblewski

Foresst Stable (Służewiec) Has trained horses since 2012 Riding career: he didn’t have Key successes – Poland: – Great Służewiec Race – Kalmar (2010) He is the son of a well-known trainer Grzegorz Witold Wróblewski and trainer Iwona Wróblewska. He dealt with the horses since its childhood and started to work with them after elementary school. Later, he was also an assistant of his mother. Just like dad, he specializes in preparing thoroughbreds for hurdle races.

Emil Zahariev

Runs the stable in Służewiec Has trained horses since 2005 Riding career: yes, still takes part in races Key successes – Poland: – 3rd place in the Ruler Stakes ? Klan (2012) – Białka Award: Amor Amor (2005) – 2nd in the race for the Comparative Award ? Amor Amor (2005) – Europe Award ? 2nd place Amor Amor (2008), 3rd place Amor Amor (2009) – Great Służewiec Race ? Negril (2009) Foreign successes: – Switzerland: GP der Winterthur Versicherungen 2005 (Elmer) – Pardubice: stiple in 2008 (Jesienny Krokus) – Rome: Premio Spegasso (stiple) 2009 (Negril) – Ebreichsdorf: Austrian Oaks – 3rd place, Kara (2012) He eagerly prepares horses for races abroad and hurdle races.

Mieczysław Mełnicki

Demon Stable (Służewiec) Has trained horses since 1988 Riding career: yes, the legendary Polish jockey – won 1663 races! Key successes – Poland: – Derby (1): Joung Islander (2003) – Great Warsaw Race (0): 2nd place, Joung Islander (2003) – Europe Award (2): Marvin El Samawi (2008 i 2009) – Ruler Stakes – Alpinus (1990), Domart (2003) – Michałów Award ? Marvin El Samawi (2008, 2009 and 2010) Foreign successes: – Mülheim: Dubai Criterium 2008 (Marvin El Samawi) – Cologne: Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum 2009 (Marvin El Samawi) Preis von Europa (G3) 2009 and 2nd place 2010 (Marvin El Samawi) – Hassloch: Sheikh Hamdan Maktoum Triple Competition Finale 2009 (Marvin El Samawi) – Frankfurt: Dubai Frankfurter Partnership Cup 2009 (Marvin El Samawi) Other information: His stable is called “Demon”, after the name of the mare, riding on which he won the first Derby (and later the Great Warsaw Race twice). Later, he triumphed in this classic on her son, Demon Club. As a jockey, he won the Derby in Służewiec six times: Demona (1964), Sekwoja (1975), Skunks (1979), Demon Club (1981), Neman (1984), Korab (1985) and as many times on foreign tracks. He also triumphed in the Great Warsaw Race four times: Demona (1964 and 1965), Jarabub (1981), Księżyc (1986).

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