Służewiec Racetrack Modernization

I. Modernization of the Służewiec Racetrack infrastructure

In July 2013 the Shareholders’ Meeting of the Totalisator took a strategic decision on the Horse Racetrack in Służewiec. The Company obtained an approval of the Treasury to allocate a record amount of more than PLN 26 million to further key investment in the area of the facility. The Totalisator budget for this purpose, together with a profit write-off, is almost 36 million zlotys.

In 2009-2012 the Totalisator invested PLN 14.7 million in Służewiec to carry out the most urgent repairs that allowed the track to be used for horse races, i.e. for its main function. Most of the funds from the pool of 36 million zlotys will be spent to repair stand I and II. The sanitary facilities, including manure pits, will be modernized. Power main line will be built for the entire complex. Moreover, five buildings of stables will be restored. It is also planned to develop the Track by creating recreational paths on which the citizens of Warsaw could run in summer, do Nordic walking or cross-country skiing in winter.

The key element for the Track in Służewiec is to restore Stand II, which will provide up to 3,400 covered seats for spectators, and thus will meet the requirement of a minimum of 2,000 such places, as specified for horse racing tracks of category I. So far, Stand II was excluded from use. As announced by the Totalisator, if the deadlines included in the tender for the first stage of modernization of this facility are observed, this facility will be made available to spectators during the Derby Gala 2014.

Scheduled revitalisation works will ensure the continued operation of the Horse Racetrack Służewiec. The racing season 2013 was planned in the form and range similar to those of recent seasons. All necessary repair works will be carried out in parallel with the races. Due to the features that will be added through new investments, the area of Horse Racetrack Służewiec will be available to the residents of Warsaw daily throughout the year, not just on weekends during the racing season, as it has been so far.


A detailed list of modernization works scheduled for 2013

(together with the approved financial outlay (maximum gross amounts to use)):

1. Construction of transformer station, type delivery and receipt point, and technical installation – PLN 1,230,000

2. Demolition of the hotel for workers (demolition-construction-installation works) – PLN 270,000

3. Stand I ? modernization and maintenance ? PLN 10,935,000
Pending tender for the transformer station. Pending tender for the replacement project for Stand I.
Tender for work on Stand I (elevation, window frames) will begin once the replacement project is completed. The resulting permission will give a green light to start the second and third stage of overhaul conservation works of Stand I.

In stage II, the works cover the implementation of a transformer station in Stand I, connected with medium voltage cable line to the delivery and receipt point, with the aim to supply electricity to this Stand facilities (office building, jockey room, stand), Tack Room Complex, Main Track with a Jurors’ Tower, as well as the area where occasional events take place between Stands and in the vicinity of the French Park.

In stage III, the works focus on the Stand modernization and repair. Basements will be drained, impregnated, insulated and renovated (new plaster, floors, woodwork). Facade metalwork will be replaced. Some rooms located on the upper floors will also be renovated. The framework of stage III will also cover the execution of a smoke exhaust system, doors and fire dampers, based on the replacement project documentation.

4. Stand II – Modernization and maintenance stage I – PLN 10,500,000 Stand II – tender proceedings were started last week and the deadline for submission of bids by potential contractors expires on 25 July, the tender should be settled by the middle of August, and the work will begin within two weeks of completion of the selection process. With the permission obtained, it will be possible to implement the first stage of the renovation.

In stage I, the works cover the beginning of overhaul renovation of Stand II. It concerns the implementation of essential works in an overhaul of the building. The works will include strengthening and repair of the roof structural elements, insulation and replacement of roofing, flashings and skylights. An important element is also to repair damaged structures outside the stands and terraces. There will be made water and sewage internal systems, and electrical installation within the area of public toilets on the ground floor and basement. These activities will be preceded by demolition works, the purpose of which is to find corroded structural elements to renovate them and eliminate dry rot. Moreover, stage I will also include the construction of gas reduction station and transformer station outside a building.

5. Electrical installation in residential buildings – PLN 930,000

6. Modernization of external rainwater system – North Stables, central region, South Stables – PLN 580,000

7. Modernization of manure pits – PLN 1,330,000

8. Design and construction of multi-purpose recreational paths – 2,400m and 1,000m – PLN 526,000