About the races - Racing vocabulary



The rider who is not engaged professionally, someone who rides a horse during trainings and, sometimes, in races.



Coupon issued at the checkout while betting, form the basis to pay out winnings.


Blue ribbon

The prize for the winner of Derby, one of the most important race in the season.



Place in the starting machine, with a gate that opens up at the start.


Box (bet)

The system betting which consists in placing a bet on selected horses in all possible combinations.


Winning post

Finishing line at the hippodrome.



The rider who won the most races in a season.



The professional rider who won over a hundred races in his career. Jockeys are racing elite.



English hot-blooded horse (Full Blood).


Front horse

The ridding horse that achieves the best results leading the pack throughout the race.


Registered race

More important chase of higher category, usually bearing the name associated with the race patron (horses, jockey, trainer, etc.)



The barrier defining the inner side of the racetrack



Highly subsidized pursuit of names, designed for leading horses on the track, present in virtually every country.


Paid places

The first five places.


Derby year

Phrase used for the three-year thoroughbreds and four-year Arabs.


Gelded horse

Stallion after the castration surgery.


Retired horse

Deleted from the start list by a trainer.


Rider change

A horse mounted by a rider different from the last chase.


Released upon the starter’s disposal

The horse, which as a result of an incident at the start, is found by the judge not suitable to participate in the race.




Running horse

A young ridding horse that has already started.



A horse that races well on muddy tracks.


Peasant order

1/2 (because peasants knew how to count only to two).


Walk in golden shoes

Win at the races.


Darkening of the horse

Subject of speculation between suspicious players, which is the practice of deliberate concealment of the real horse capabilities by a horse trainer and rider.



Racing information.


Give the horse

Share information with others.


Pay for hay

Lose at the races.


Dark horse

Completely not counted horse that can make a surprise.


He rode to the bank, he rode right

About the rider who was confident of winning.


already hanging

The statement concerning the horse, which indicates that there is absolute certainty that it will win the race.


Won with ease

winning with ease, unthreatened.


Stood on end

The horse which weakened in the end.



Contemptuous name of the Arabs.



Horse taken into account in selecting the leading places.



False highly valuable information about one of the horses. It is spread as true.


Does not fit

About the horse that does not have a chance of winning a race.


Did not sniff her/his tail

It did not even come close.


Racecards, entries

Racing program.



Common name of the horse origin.


Fits, approaches

A horse that has a chance of winning a race.


By field

Otherwise, from the outside.



Place to finish. “There was no transition” refers to the horse that could not hold straight between rivals to join in the fight for the top places.



Slang for horse skills to accelerate on a finishing straight.


The cowshed came

Two horses from the same stud farm crossed first the winning post.


He showed off

He boasted that he would win.


Alone, all alone

Russianism (adin alone, adna alone), determining the style in which the horse wins. In this case, by a wide margin, unthreatened.


Favourite, bank, lock, solo

Nearly a hundred percent favourite.



A person with no riding gift.



Derogatory term of a very poorly-running riding horse.


Keeps the distance

About a horse that can physically withstand long race.


He won, as he wanted

Slang for the freestyle victory, which is extremely easy.


He won as an eagle, half the field

by a wide margin.


He broke

About a horse that does not stick to a straight line, getting off the track to the left to the band, or right to the outer barrier. Most horses break out while taking the last corner and along the finishing straight.


Closed field

Ran last.


Break before checkout

Change the previous types at the last minute alone or under someone’s influence.


From town to town, from place to place

Leading from start to finish.