Races in Poland


In Poland, there are currently four racetracks: Służewiec in Warsaw, Partynice in Wrocław, at the hippodrome in Sopot, 1 Polna Street, and a private one in Kraków, near the villages of Buczków and Dąbrówka. In terms of breeding and selection, the most important are races on the track in Warsaw, which involve about 1,000 English full-blooded horses, called thoroughbreds or folblut, from German, or colloquially English, and Arabian full-blooded horses, commonly referred to as the Arabs.


Since 2013, Partynice in Wrocław has grown in reputation mainly due to the prestigious Great Partynice Stakes (hurdle race) and Great Wrocław Chase (steeplechase). . There are currently no racing stables at the hippodrome in Sopot. Horses from Warsaw and Wrocław usually take part in events held during the summer break in races, while the best horses rest after main races of the first part of the season and are trained to struggle at the beginning of August.