About the races - Modernization and development of the Horse Racetrack in Służewiec

With reference to the questions on the modernization and development of the Horse Racetrack in Służewiec, we would like to emphasize that the goal of the Totalisator is to restore position and greatness to Służewiec. We were assigned the responsibility for this remarkable facility. Following this responsibility, we implemented the largest investment program since the creation of the Track.
The Horse Racetrack is a jewel of equestrian architecture on a global scale, and thus it is our duty to restore it to the inhabitants of Warsaw. To make it more attractive, while maintaining and developing its basic function, which is racing.
Warsaw has a great history of this sport, dating back to the eighteenth century. We cultivate a rich tradition by creating conditions for horse training, organizing and popularizing racing, restoring the former glory of historic architecture. But this return to greatness requires investment.
The Horse Racetrack in Służewiec is a strategic place for the Totalisator. In 2009-2012 we invested in Służewiec several million zlotys for the most urgent repairs. They allowed only to fulfil the basic task of the facility, which is the organisation of horse races. Modernization planned in 2013 and 2014 is much more extensive. The works relate, among others, to Stand I and Stand II, Stables, Residential Buildings, Bathhouse, the construction of delivery and receipt station and the Main Track itself.
These are the largest modernization works in the history of the facility. Their estimated cost is nearly 41 million złotys in the first stage of revitalization.
A strategy for the Horse Racetrack revitalisation developed by the Totalisator gained a positive opinion of the Polish Jockey Club and was approved by the Ministry of Treasury. The investment program is closely related to the presently determined local land management plan. We will adjust our work to this plan and the comments and recommendations of the conservator. Equestrian investments are consulted with experts having international experience.
The direction that we adopted for the Warsaw races is determined by the solutions introduced in the best facilities of this type in the world, where the function of horse races and recreational tasks are successfully combined. Therefore, there was a very large emphasis on investments related to sports and recreation in the expansion plan. The purpose is to make the facility available for a wide range of people – from children to the elderly. It Includes the building of recreational paths, on which the inhabitants of Warsaw will be able to run, do Nordic walking and even cross-country skiing in winter.
At the same time we remember that Służewiec is above all a place for horse races and training. Therefore, investments are also aimed at improving the training conditions so that the horses could be trained throughout the whole year, regardless of weather conditions. An important element of these plans is to create an all-season racetrack.
Our objective is to give an area of nearly 140 hectares, located near the heart of the City, back to the inhabitants of Warsaw. If you really do not want to have cars parked under the windows of apartments, please let us know. We will try to reduce motor traffic in the Służewiec Racetrack.
We would like to remind you that stagnation in the Races, regress of the social functions of the place in the ’90s and at the beginning of the new century arose from the misunderstood “defense” of the place against the necessary changes. We should not allow this scenario be repeated! It requires responsibility on the part of all the people concerned with good future of this place.
For our part, we want to ensure that we agree with the position that the Warsaw Races are not the place for business developers, whose activity consists in building and subsequent sale. As the guardian of the inalienable right of ownership of racetrack land, we effectively block such intentions. The area is and will remain in the hands of the Treasury – meant to serve citizens and residents of Warsaw.
We are confident that the renovation and modernization of historic infrastructure, the adoption process of land and management plan appropriate for the area, as well as search for industry and investment partners will be completed as soon as possible. We will then be able to move to the stage of development of the area, and then open it for the residents of Warsaw and all those who will be able to actively use what this modern facility will have to offer. And it will have a lot to offer.
We count on your support for our efforts to restore the glory and rightful place of the Races in the Life of Warsaw.