About the races - Description of the revitalisation project


The Totalisator, as the host of Horse Racetrack in Służewiec, runs two processes to finally restore the splendour of Służewiec facility and maximize its localization and commercial potential.

The first is the process of modernization, which has lasted since the moment the Totalisator marked its presence on the Racetrack, i.e. since 2008. The second is the investment process, which has been prepared with a view to developing the Racetrack and increasing its value as a structure offering leisure and entertainment in many forms.
These activities are carried out in parallel – the historic infrastructure is restored with a view to ensuring access to race facilities that are found most urgent from the organisational point of view. In collaboration with the counsellor, new business and investment partners are looked for to start cooperation in the field of revitalization of the Horse Racetrack area.