About the races - Jockeys

Jockey Szczepan Mazur

Born in 1995 in Brzeg Dolny
Beginning of the riding career: 8.05.2011
Major successes (Poland): – Jockey Champion (1): 2013 – Derby: Natalie of Budysin (2012) – Great Warsaw Race: Patronus (2013) – Oaks: Natalie of Budysin (2012) – Ruler Stakes – Hard Work (2012) and Modraszek (2014), Mem. F. Jurjewicza – Hard Work (2012), Janów Stakes – Master Bars (2013)
He has worked in the centre of Adam Wyrzyk in Podbiel since the 2012 season. He took part in the equestrian trainings in Newmarket in 2012 and 2013. Slightly more than two years after the start of a career, he gained the title of jockey on 17 August 2013.

Jockey Anton Turgaev

Born in 1984 in Kazan
Beginning of the riding career: 2000
Major successes (Poland): – Champion (1): 2010 – Vice Champion (4): 2007, 2008, 2009, 2013 – Derby (0): 2nd place – Hipoliner (2006) – Great Warsaw Race (1): Hipoliner (2009) – Arabian Derby (1): Sarah (2008) – Europa Stakes (0): 2nd place – Vasyli Kossack (2010)
Foreign successes: – Bratislava – Starohajska criterion (LR) 2006 (Hipoliner), Price of Stottish Rifla (LR) 2008 (Hipoliner), Velká májová cena (I) 2008 (Hipoliner) – Ebreichsdorf – Central European Challenge Cup Mile (Gd-1) 2007 (Jęczmień), Magna Euro-Preis (LR) 2008 (Hipoliner), Racino Racing Festival (LR) 2010 (Hipoliner)
He attended the school for jockeys in Piatigorsk. Before coming to Poland (2002), he won nine races at the local track. His first victory in Służewiec was in May 2004, riding on the stallion Empir, obtaining the title of a senior apprentice. He had cooperated with a trainer Józef Siwonia from 2005 to 2013.

Jockey Aleksander Reznikov

Born on 30 May 1982 in Czerkiesk
Beginning of the riding career: 2000
Major successes (Poland): – Champion (6): 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 – Vice Champion (1): 2010 – Derby (1): Dżesmin (2005) – Great Warsaw Race (0): 2nd place (2) - Nitisara (2004), Kardinale (2010) – Arabian Derby (2): Gorec (2003), Wares (2013) – Europa Stakes (3): Gorec (2005), Marvin El Samawi (2008 and 2009)
Foreign successes: – Bratislava – Jarná cena kobýl (LR) 2008 (Nick of Memory), 3rd place in the Oaks (LR) 2008 (Nick of Memory)
He came to Poland in 2002 from Piatigorsk, where he won four races. He gained the title of jockey in August 2004. He won 100 races in the 2011 season. In 2012 he worked and rode in the USA, where he gained the total of 38 victories.

Jockey Piotr Piątkowski

Born in 1967
Beginning of the riding career: 1983. He has a licence training.
Major successes (Poland): – Champion (1): 2004 – Derby (3): San Moritz (2007), Soros (2009), Patronus (2013) – Great Warsaw Race (3): San Luis (2004 and 2005), Camerun (2012) – Arabian Derby (2): Eliat (2006), Celtis (2010) – Europa Stakes (1): Millennium (2003)
Foreign successes: – Bratysława – Central European Breeder?s Cup Sprint (Gd-1) 2002 (Pretty Princ), Cena Stottish Rifla (LR) 2008 (Hipoliner) – Praga – České Derby (Gd-1) 1993 (Manhattan Project), Velka Cena Hlavniho Mesta Prahy (Gd-1) 1992 (Taldari), 2nd place in Velká cena Slovenska (Gd-1) 2010 (Ruten) – Wiedeń – Großer Preis von Austria (Gd-1), Österreichisches St.Leger (Gd-2), Winterfavorit für 2 jährigen (Gd-2) – Germany – Dortmund, Deutsches St. Leger (G2) 1999 (Win for Us), 3rd place in Deutsches Derby (G1) 2000 (Acamani)
He left for work in Austria in 1989. He moved to Munich four years later, where his career gained momentum. In 1996 he took the fifth place in the German jockey championship. After returning to the Polish in 2001, he was close to the end of the riding career. Since 2004, he has incessantly cooperated with a trainer Marek Nowakowski. He won as many as 101 races in the one season!

Jockey Wiaczesław Szymczuk

Born in 1967 in Gredele
Beginning of the riding career: 1987
Major successes (Poland): – The highest place in the championship: 2. (2012) – Derby (1): Mokosz (1992) – Arabian Derby (7): Egis (1989), Sarmacja (1990), Emael (1992), Gepard (1995), Ostragon (1998), Espadero (2001), Gafal (2002) – Europa Stakes (2): Sarmatia (1990), Emael (1992)
With seven successes in the Derby, he is considered an expert on the Arab horse riding.

Jockey Marek Brezina

Born in 1995 in Kolin (Czech Republic)
Beginning of the riding career: 1998 (Czech Republic), since 2004, has been working in Służewiec
Major successes (Poland): – The highest place in the championship: 7. (2012) – Derby (0): 3rd place, Pillar (2012) – Arabian Derby (0): 3rd place, El Far (2011) – President of the Totalisator Stakes (1): Marlene (2012) – Minister of Agriculture Stakes ? Pillar (2012), Mokotów Stakes – Pillar (2012), Kozienice Stakes – Lucky Peter (2013)
He started riding in the Czech Republic. Later, he worked in France and England. In 2004, he came to the stable of Maciej Janikowski in Służewiec, where he works until this day. Initially, he raced in Poland mainly in hurdle races, but over time he began to take part also in flat races. He obtained the title of jockey in 2012.

Jockey Mirosław Pilich

Born in 1967 in Sopot
Beginning of the riding career: 1991
Major successes (Poland): – Derby (2): Durand (1993), Wonderful (1996) – Great Warsaw Race (0): 4x 3rd place – Arabian Derby (1): Padus (2004) – Europe Award (0): 2nd place, Wienerva (2005) – Derby for Half-Blooded Horses (1): Decibel II (2006)
He began his career in 1991, riding for a trainer Mieczysław Mełnicki, for whom he also works in the 2013 season as a jockey and trainer-assistant. In 1993, he made one of the biggest surprises in the Derby history – he won the race riding on an unexpected Durand, having then only the title of a senior apprentice. He raced on half-blooded horses only twice, but he won both races on Decybel II – Derby and Tunel Stakes.

Jockey Emil Zahariev

Born in 23 December 1961 in Sofia (Bulgaria)
Beginning of the riding career: 1980
Major successes (Poland): – Derby (1): Kombinacja (2001) – Great Warsaw Race (1): Kombinacja (2001) – Arabian Derby (0): 3rd place, Calderon (2004) – Europa Stakes (1): Amor Amor (2006)
Foreign successes: – Switzerland – Grand Prix LGT Swiss 2000 Guineas 2004 (Elmer), GP der Winterthur Versicherungen 2005 (Elmer) – Kolonia (Niemcy) – Deutsches Araberderby 2004 (Typhoon) – Belgia – Derby ? 2nd place, Typhoon (2004) – Ebreichsdorf – Oaks ? 3rd place, Kara (2012)
He has been a riding trainer since the 2005 season. He also rides for other trainers.

Jockey Viktor Popov

Beginning of the riding career: 2000
Major successes (Poland): – The highest place in the championship: 4. (2013) – Great Warsaw Race (1): Dancing Moon (2010) – Arabian Derby (1): Don Carlos (2005) – Europa Stakes (0): 3rd place, Don Carlos (2005)
He began to ride as an amateur in Piatigorsk on his uncle’s horses. He came to Poland on holiday to the stable of Anna Nieora-Tchkuasela, which was first to give him a chance to race in Służewiec.

Jockey-candidate Andrzej Mazurkiewicz

Born in 1988 in Wrocław
Beginning of the riding career: 2007
Major successes (Poland): Award of the Mayor of Wrocław: Invisible Dubai (2013)
He began his career in Wrocław. He obtained the title of senior apprentice in 2010. He rode in Warsaw more and more often, and his career gained momentum. In the 2012 season, he was employed in Służewiec by Józef Siwonia. In 2013, he received training in Newmarket.

Jockey Cornelia Fraisl

Born in Tenneck (near Salzburg, Austria)
Beginning of the riding career: 1997 (first as an amateur)
Major successes (Poland): – Memorial B. Ziemiański – Esteem (2010) – Grand Slam Stakes – Adding (2011) – Pamir Stakes – King Ute (2012)
She is associated with Michał Romanowski, whom she met in Austria. She came to Poland with him. She is his right-hand man when it comes to horse training (she also has a trainer license). She is a passionate owner and breeder of Arabian horses. One of the best horses is Vasyli Kossack purchased in the Kossack Stud, now the leading sire in her stud farm. In her most successful season in 2010, she won 20 races and was considered the best Amazon in Służewiec.

Jockey Liliya Reznikova-Wróblewska

Born in 1986 in Czerkiesk
Beginning of the riding career: 2006
Major successes (Poland): – Memorial of Tomasz Dul (2): Iwonicz (2011), Tropical Fly (2012) – Winner of the 1st edition of the Amazons Cup of the named after Katarzyna Szymczuk (2013)
She is the sister of the Służewiec leading jockey Aleksander Reznikov. She won 14 races in the first season in Służewiec.

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